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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: First Impressions

Rule of thumb: to make a classic anime tactic look completely original and bad@$$, add explosions and vintage weaponry. (FYI, I totally went and made this poster, just for you.)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the famed magical girl anime I will be blogging has aired. And, well, considering the fact that this is a magical girl anime…

Color me mindf*cked!

Yes, ladies and gents. This is a magical girl anime, and it managed to be mindf*cky in the sense that it didn’t look like a magical girl anime. I could probably sum up this whole review with the word “epic,” but I need to get these thoughts out…that is, I need to tell you why I thought it was epic, or there’s no point in my blogging it.



New Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (January)


I could write this off as fanservice fodder, but, frankly, I don't want to~

Somewhere in my random Internet rampages, I ended up taking a look at the fansub wiki (don’t think I’d ever actually been there before) and found that they had a list up for next season’s anime. I already knew about Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, and I will totally be looking into that because the title includes zombies and Japanese and the ANN summary of the light novels included vampire ninjas (LOLWUT HOW MUCH AWESOMER CAN YA GET), but I could never find anything about the other series. I took a look at the site for one (believe it was called Freezing), saw two chicks–one with slightly reasonable body proportions, one who looked like some sort of alien, both with their panties showing–and got the heck out. But then I spotted another show, which just happened to contain “maho shojo” in the title. This intrigued me. So I took a look, and now I’m even more intrigued; one thing’s for sure, though–this is going on my watch list.