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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: First Impressions

Rule of thumb: to make a classic anime tactic look completely original and bad@$$, add explosions and vintage weaponry. (FYI, I totally went and made this poster, just for you.)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the famed magical girl anime I will be blogging has aired. And, well, considering the fact that this is a magical girl anime…

Color me mindf*cked!

Yes, ladies and gents. This is a magical girl anime, and it managed to be mindf*cky in the sense that it didn’t look like a magical girl anime. I could probably sum up this whole review with the word “epic,” but I need to get these thoughts out…that is, I need to tell you why I thought it was epic, or there’s no point in my blogging it.



Winter Anime 2011 (Mai First Watchlist Blog!)

Oooooh yeah. My first watchlist. Now, fall didn’t work out all that well; I still need to catch up on a few…however, this year I’m bound and determined! I’m also sorting them by my willingness to watch. ‘Course, I already blogged about one, but there seem to be quite a few good ones this season. The fanart you see above is actually the only wintry one I could find that I liked; next time I’ll do this earlier, so I can just chuck in a Christmas picture and be good to go. But now it’s after Christmas, and I got a lot of clothes and no DVDs! (Which means that I’m gonna have to actually PAY forty bucks now for the second Romeo X Juliet DVD. That stupid complete collection shoved it out of every store everywhere, except for Amazon, which is in it for the money only. Waaai, RightStuf?!)

Ah, a milestone for my young blog. I’m feelin’ techno~ So, yah, I’m gonna listen to some Clazziquai and write on. Here we go!


A Very Techno Christmas to You!

I just found this song~ See, I was going to put Christmas-y fanart, but I figured a cutesy Miku tune would make you happier. My favorite Vocaloid Christmas song! xD It may be about breaking up, but whatever. It’s also about bucking the heck up and having some damn fun ‘cuz it’s flipping CHRISTMAS! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaa!

“Techno” is now the official word for “awesome” on this blog. But in this case, it means “merry!”

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. To those of you who have discovered my blog in the short time since it opened, domou arigatou gozaimasu and a verrry happy Christmas and merry New Year if I don’t blog ’til then. I’ll probably be fooling around with my pwesents (some of which I hope will be anime-related, obviously nya). My New Year’s resolution’ll be to get this blog really going, starting with blogging a full series. I’ve got oodles to choose from this winter!

And happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever else you celebrate. I’m not about to leave you out! I’m just so freaking happy I get a week off and time with my Wii and DVD player! *Kuroko high-on-love-potion smile*

–チタニア (Titania)

Review: True Tears



The first word that comes into my head when I think of this show, besides “Noe-nyan,” is “drama.” And, boy howdy, does True Tears know how to make you bang your head against a wall or mentally order the characters around…or at least squirm with the suspense. I probably would’ve been talking to my computer screen if I weren’t sicker than a freaking dog and every time I open my mouth it’d better be to practice singing “Aquarius” in all my stuffy-nosed glory. (I’ll explain later.) All in all, I’d have to say it was amazing, and it definitely made my list of favorites; it didn’t top it (verrry rare to do that, seeing as the only two as of yet to do so were the first anime I ever watched and Angel Beats!), but it was definitely awesome. But I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I didn’t explain my thoughts fully. **SPOILERS MAY ENSUE! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! (I’ll try to keep them minor, though.)**