The World Ain't So Small After All.


Well, howdy there, y’all! Thanks for taking the time to visit this page (that must mean you have at least SOME interest in my humble blog); I hope you’ve enjoyed your experience so far, I hope you liked the design, I’m already boring myself to freaking tears right now, blah, blah, blah, no. Let’s get to the good stuff!

‘Kay: I created this blog to talk about anime. Any anime. Animes I can’t talk to other people about—heck, I can’t even talk to other people about anime in general sometimes; not all people are willing to listen to my enthusiasm about “freaky Japanese cartoons.” Anime, manga, Vocaloid…especially Vocaloid, I know NOBODY outside of the Internet who’s so much as even HEARD of Hatsune Miku. (Pffft.) So I’ve selected you, ladies and gents, to be my ears. Whoop-de-tap-dancing-doo for you~

So, in this blog, I review specific animes and mangas, and sometimes I may just rant about certain goings-on in the otaku world, and sometimes I may just chat idly about certain goings-on in the otaku world. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to it; isn’t that one of the only reasons why people like blogs? (o_O) Either way, it’d be cool to have a renowned, universally-trusted/followed anime blog, like a few others I’ve read. I hope you’ll help me get there by spreading the word!

Enough soliciting: let’s break it down! (I feel so…”hip.” And I’m not even fifteen yet. Uguu.)

I’m fourteen and a freshman in high school. And, yes, I have been called a “freshie” and “annoying ninth-grader” before; amazingly, my other friends haven’t, but whatever~ I’m really into theater, and I’ve been taking acting classes for the past couple of years, I’ve been in my former school’s drama club plays, I’m in my high school’s fall play, and they do this massive spring musical every year which I am TOTALLY going out for. I’ve been playing the flute for about five years, but I also love to sing; I’m no Demi, but I can sing fairly well naturally—it’s just my range that I have issues with. But I’m working on it! I’m planning on going out for jazz band with it, but I’ve gotta work on my sha-ba-da-bops first! xD I’m also taking Japanese in school; the interest was mainly sparked by anime, of course, since I have virtually no background in any other languages, and anime and manga at least taught me honorifics and how to say “panties.” (Gyuu.) Right now, I can read (scratch that: just barely decipher) hiragana and katakana, but no kanji…so don’t ask me to write kanji. I no do that. (I also joined my school’s foreign exchange club…apparently, I now have the chance to be an exchange student, which would be fully awesome, of course~)

I’m actually pretty quiet in real life, unless I’m with family or my awesome friends (nya). Heck, I may even have a few more tsundere traits than you’d expect from mai bloggin’ (mwahaha)—for example: I like to hurt people when they get annoying—but I’m really a nice person, I swear~ On the Internet, I can remain anonymous, so I’m pretty much as talkative as I WOULD be. (I’m like a forum demon. I post too often and too much, and most of the time I post meaningless gabble that I regret later.) So you’re gonna have to put up with watashi no honto no jibun, nya.

My username: It started when I made my YouTube account, I guess. That was soon after my first drama club play; we’d done A Midsummer Night’s Midtern, and I’d played—you guessed it—Titania, queen of the fairies. (The actually story involves a couple of random students sitting off to the side and narrating the story in twenty-first-century English, while the play is performed next to them as they read it in Shakespearean.) Now, as stated above, I looove anything having to do with acting (I’m the type of person who welcomes being in front of people), so I wanted my username to kind of denote that; I chose ZipZapZopTitania because of my character (DUR) and an acting exercise we used to do in drama club before auditions and actual rehearsals, called “Psycho Circle.” Basically, the whole drama club (all five of us, hurrhurr) would get in a circle, and we’d either have to turn to the person next to us and go “Beep!,” which the person would have to do to the next person, and on and on, etc., etc., until one person reversed it; or we’d have to do this thing based off the High School Musical number “Bop to the Top,” where we’d do this clappy thingy (did I mention I’m intelligent?) in the direction of another person across the circle, and say “Zip!”; the next person would do it to someone else and say “Zap!”, and that person would do it to someone else and say “Zop!”. And so ZipZapZopTitania was born; I now mainly go by “Titania” when I’m on the Internet. Makes it easier~

Okay, folks, now we’re gonna learn what happens when Titania does this sort of thing at nine at night when she’s already sleep-deprived on a school day: she’s sooo in for it! xD This whole page probably turned out suckishly; I’m never good at “About Me” bits, so if you really wanna know more, read my reviews, talk to me, blah blah blah, check out my VAA account (the username is “Sakura von Azurnacht,” I hate it, I was sleep-deprived when I came up with it), check my YouTube channel, and SUBSCRIBE to it ‘cuz I’m planning on starting to vlog, too! xD But that’s a story for another time.

That’s all for now! Ja mata!
~チタニア (Titania)