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New Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (January)


I could write this off as fanservice fodder, but, frankly, I don't want to~

Somewhere in my random Internet rampages, I ended up taking a look at the fansub wiki (don’t think I’d ever actually been there before) and found that they had a list up for next season’s anime. I already knew about Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, and I will totally be looking into that because the title includes zombies and Japanese and the ANN summary of the light novels included vampire ninjas (LOLWUT HOW MUCH AWESOMER CAN YA GET), but I could never find anything about the other series. I took a look at the site for one (believe it was called Freezing), saw two chicks–one with slightly reasonable body proportions, one who looked like some sort of alien, both with their panties showing–and got the heck out. But then I spotted another show, which just happened to contain “maho shojo” in the title. This intrigued me. So I took a look, and now I’m even more intrigued; one thing’s for sure, though–this is going on my watch list.

I have no idea why I’m making a post for something I plan to watch next season, either. Frankly, I should probably do what most bloggers do and make a post encompassing all of the season’s new goodies from Japan and do a preview. But I’m kinda taking this as the first anime I’ve found out about this season, along with Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, and I don’t totally expect to find anything else within the next few weeks, so I’m jumping at the chance. The first animes I find info about are special, and I know I’m gonna be watching them both all the way through. Like Oreimo–the only thing that’s making me put myself through that pure crud is the fact that it was the first anime I heard about for the fall ‘1o season. (I promise, I’m gonna post about the currently-aired episodes tomorrow. I couldn’t blog it per episode this time…maybe with one of these new ones? o_O)

Anyhoo, I’ve taken a look at the site. (It took FOREVER to load…) And, honestly, it doesn’t look like this is going to be all that bad. In fact, it’s got potential. This is just coming from the character designs–nothing psycho, bright, make-your-eyes-bleed-green or whatnot. The outfits are more Victorian-style semi-gothloli, which is…cute. It’s sure as heck better than a serafuku. And the whole site reminds me of a French candy shop, which I like. Brings me memories of New York on Christmas Eve…wait, what? The heck is this making me nostalgic?!

xD Okay, so nostalgia randomly hit me, too. No idea if that’ll come into play in the actual storyline, because I have no idea what that is yet. Going back to the site, though, three characters have been revealed: the lead appears to be a girl named Madoka Kaname, pictured above. Her seiyu is Aoi Yuki–who I’ve never actually heard in a show, judging by her ANN profile. However, another interesting feature of the site was that they actually had voice samples, and all three characters seemed pretty good; none are obnoxiously high, yay!

Next is Homura Akemi, voiced by Chiwa Saito and bearing a bored expression in her purple eyes. I think I’ll take the liberty of nominating her as this season’s Kuroneko.


"Ugh, you ordinary humans are just so tiresome..."

See? See? Look at that. Madoka may have ribbons and frills and pink, but this chick’s got a sick bow. Look at that thing! I want one of those! T-T Hey, wait, come to think of it…HOLY CHEESE! Madoka has a bow, too! This is gonna be awesome! xD

Back to the actual point, I’m sure we can expect either a dark past or amazing power beyond comprehension from our friend Homura. And she’ll either be the voice of reason or be devoid of common sense as well as emotion and we’ll have the other two girls screaming at her not to walk straight off that cliff…gyuu, whatever. I hope she’s the voice of reason. It’d be so nice to hear Chiwa Saito verbally pwning everybody again.

And now we have Mami Tomoe, the third and final character of the three currently posted on the site.

Imma save my screams of confoozed joy for below.

Hold it…a MUSKET?! What the heck? (Or it could be a nineteenth-century rifle. Either way…) And cowgirl boots! Two archers and a cowgirl! That hat looks reminiscent of a three-cornered colonial hat, too…again, two archers and a cowgirl-colonist-civil war soldier (o_O).

Can this get any better?

Well, it might. The links to each character’s page make up the site header, in the form of an image of each of the three girls. Two on each side BUT WAIT how is that possible? Take a look.

GASP! What if the new character's a tsundere? *happy dance* This show is gonna be epic win!

OH HAI. Placeholder for another team member. As it says in the caption, that means that a spot is still open for a tsundere, and none of the girls seem very tsun to me, so we’re currently without one. And if the show DOES get a tsundere, AND she gets a bow or rifle (or, better yet, broadsword!), I will be the happiest little fangirl out there.

There also appears to be a cat. A cat with a design that has not yet been finalized, nor a seiyu that can go “nya.” (Pick me! Pick me!)

So we’ve got a bepigtailed, kind-faced, semi-gothloli lead with a sick bow, a dark, silent-ninja voice of reason with Chiwa Saito for a voice with a sick bow, and a Revolutionary cowgirl with a sick musket/rifle. And some other mystery character. And a kitty. If this gets an exotic setting, we’d be golden. Or if it didn’t start out in modern-day Japan and have a girl suddenly be told she needs to save the world in a skirt that goes down to her hips, with added undereaction. If none of the above come to pass, then, yes, I will be a happy fangirl.

The possibility for fanservice still exists very strongly here, though; the skirts are just pushing it, but, then again, it IS anime. So the skirts going down to their hips will be perfectly fine if they don’t “subtly, I swear!” exploit it Uta-Kata style. Or in any style, really. That would just be annoying (as always, lawl). And, is it just me, or does Mami’s expression look as if it were tailored to seem seductive? Or I could be paranoid. Whatever.

Either way, I am watching this, gosh dang it. The first anime of winter. Heck, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? has room for fanservice, too. That’s not stopping me; I’ll at least give it a go, and if it’s not a harem that thrusts unrealistic female body proportions into my face every time a chick speaks, I’ll keep watching. But for now, it’s November, and…oh, sweet, it’s 11:11 PM! *makes wish* xD Good, got that in. Now I’m tired and I wanna sleep.

Enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary post while it lasts…I had to post something at some point, anyhow~ Stay tuned for a mid-airing review of Oreimo!

Ja mata,

–チタニア (Titania)


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