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Haruhi wannabe...?


Konata Izumi, run for your life. There’s a new otaku queen on the block.

Air Date: 10/3/10

Studio: AIC

Plot: For several years, Kyousuke’s relationship with his younger sister Kirino has been cold, to the point that they only share greetings. But one day, Kyousuke finds a moe anime DVD fallen in their entry hall. His interest piqued, he looks for the owner, only to realize it belongs to Kirino. He’s shocked, but more surprises lie just ahead…

This was pretty much the first anime I heard about for the fall 2010 season, so I was pretty excited for it. Heck, today was a big day for the new season, and tomorrow will be, too; however, I’m not gonna have time to review Yakumo today, sadly…maybe later, after I’ve chosen one to review for tomorrow…*sigh* Whatever. Either way, I’ve got conflicting emotions over it. And I’ll tell you why.

For starters, the plot summary above doesn’t nearly cover it: the magical girl DVD that Kyosuke finds isn’t a magical girl DVD. It’s a magical girl DVD case, but the disk has been replaced with—get this—an ero game. Yah. And it does belong to his fourteen-year-old sister.

Heck, I’m fourteen, and I cringe at any and all fanservice. But this Kirino chick is ravenous for her eroge visual novels. She wouldn’t be caught dead playing or buying them, but she’s seriously obsessed. She reminds me of myself…over, um, anime that really doesn’t go over the American standard of PG-13…

Backtracking: Kyosuke and Kirino just avoid each other completely at the beginning of the episode; I think the first words they’d exchanged in years must’ve been when he knocked over her purse and she started hollering at him not to help her. She’s your standard Little Miss Perfect, and he’s the coaster/slacker “I’ll just slide by and hope I get a good job” type that I just saw in Bakuman last night. And then he finds her R-18 game hidden in an anime DVD case, but he doesn’t know it’s hers (the dude doesn’t even know she was a freaking magazine model). So he brings it up at dinner to try to find the owner. His parents are strongly anti-otaku, apparently, and actually make a remark along the lines of “Oh, you shouldn’t get into that stuff, it’s a horrible sin” or whatever. And then he looks over at Kirino, who’s looking like she guzzled fifteen gallons of iced tea a couple hours earlier, hasn’t taken a leak since, and wants to strangle her fork verrry badly; she up and bolts from the table as soon as she gets the chance. Later, Kyosuke catches her digging around his room (for the game, DUR), and gets her so riled up she starts attacking him, trying to grab the case (which he ended up having been holding the entire time).

It’s not totally stereotype-ridden, but my guess is the plot really starts at this point: Kirino’s insecurity. After she gets the game from him (without openly stating she owns it) she asks him about whether or not he’d think it was weird if HYPOTHETICALLY she did own stuff like that. And, when he says no, she seems…relieved.

Okay, I can’t take this anymore.

KAWAII BREAKDOWN. I saw somebody call her “Kiririn” on YouTube once…I’m gonna have to start calling her that~! She’s so kawaiiiiii…and I’m loving the character designs. This chick is awesome, and cute, and…awesome! I love tsunderes!

So now we’ve got a coaster brother and a AWESOME tsundere little sis. And, to further prove her status in the World of Tsundere, she ends up slapping him awake in the middle of the night, demanding a “life consultation,” dragging him to her room, and showing him her dirty little secret, hidden behind a bookcase, haunted-house style: a massive, massive, MASSIVE collection of ero little sister games.

I know what you’re thinking: do we have a case of incest here? Well, apparently not…she claims that she only buys imouto R-18 games because she just loves the little sisters, not the subject that relates uncannily to the plot of the show. And, while saying this, she proceeds to go into a squee fit, just like me when I see moe. (I swear, I’m liking this chick more by the second~!) By then she’s already been ranting her heart out about all her favorite series, and explaining each and every adaptation she has of each series (“This is the limited-edition box set that came with bonus CDs and figurines, and this is the American adaptation of the manga…”), most of which Kyosuke has been tuning out to talk to himself.

One thing I’ve gotta say I really like about this anime is the verrry 21st-century-like conversations. I mean, most of the anime to have aired within the past decade doesn’t talk about computer games (I’ve never seen .hack//, and I don’t plan to anytime soon, so please don’t bring it up) and modern otakuism and things like that. Ever heard a Japanese person say “Blu-Ray”? Well, this is the place to go (“Buru-Re!”) if you want lots and lots of Engrish. Heck, I expected that with Iron Man, too.

Basically, the episode wraps it up with her asking him to help her by becoming her…uh…life coach, I suppose. He agrees to try seeing it her way by letting her explain it to him and make him play the games, and so she starts coaching him on how to play said games. Which ends up being hilarious, because it’s Kiririn’s way or  the highway, and he prefers to kick the virtual little sis who’s just had a nightmare out of his bed rather than…ah, making a move. And when she yells at him for it, he counters with yelling at her about whether or not she’s comfortable watching siblings “do it” with her older brother right next to her. He’d brought it up once before, and both times, she has the same reaction: “Euuw, that’s so gross! That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in my life, you’re such a perv, blah blah blah.” (She actually does agree to let him borrow a laptop so he can finish the game on his own without having his own imouto hovering over him, thus eliminating the awkwardness.)

Okay. So I like the show; it’s very cute, I’ll give it that. But because of Kiririn’s reaction to the incest remarks (and the bringing up of incest remarks in general), I’m wondering if that’s actually where this show is headed. I’m dearly hoping it goes anywhere but there…then again, I don’t see any main love interest, and I haven’t seen any other male characters in the promos, come to think of it…


Really, this show is up for anything if it doesn’t go down the incest route. I’m just gonna pray it doesn’t. And NO harem…onegai, no harem! If there’s anything I’d hate over incest, it’s harem. Ecchi seems out of the question, thank God, it’s not listed ANYWHERE for a genre.

For now, we’ve just gotta enjoy the tsundere antics and possibility of a rival to Konata. That’s what I’m gonna bill Kiririn as, anyhow.

Tune in tomorrow for a first impression of Otome Yokai Zakuro!

Ja mata!

–チタニア (Titania)


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