The World Ain't So Small After All.

Konnichi Wa, Minna Genki?

FEAR MY RANDOM JAPANESE. ‘Cuz it’ll be popping up a lot in my…*drumroll please* all-new blog!

Well, welcome to TechnoSora, minna-san. I’m Titania, the resident otaku of this URL—and so this blog shall be used mainly for reviewing and talking about anime and manga. I won’t make this blog about me for now…I’ll give a mini(ish) bio on another page. So I’ll give a few tidbits about me: I’m fourteen, I love reading, writing, theater, and music, drawing manga (and manga ONLY, I really don’t like doing anything else that isn’t…cartoony), and I’malreadygettingboredofthis SO let’s just get on the actual blog description.

I made this blog because I want to talk. About anime. I want to talk about all my favorite animes and mangas and Vocaloids and trends. But I can’t really do it all that much in the real world, because most of the people I’ve met just look at me like I just said I thought coffee candy was demonic and wretched and go “You like those stupid Japanese cartoons?” when I tell them I like anime. And I don’t see my friends every day…and sometimes they haven’t seen the anime I want to talk about…et cetera, et cetera. So now I’m going to talk to you, Ms/Mrs/Mr. Reader, sir/ma’am. And, Haruhi dang it, you’re gonna LISTEN. Got it?

xD Good, nya.

Well, I think this is a good place to close off OH WAIT I FORGOT I am taking Japanese in school, and, along with what I pick up from anime, there is gonna be some coming up here and there within my posts. Won’t be too bad, I swear~ Unless I decide to write in hiragana or katakana…but that normally takes a lot of work, seeing as my computer actually doesn’t type in Japanese (shocker). But, yeah, don’t worry! I promise I’ll be nice!

Well, that’s all for now. Ja mata!

~チタニア (Titania)


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